Q: I want to schedule an appointment at Gulf Coast Men's Health, but I want to make sure I see a real doctor

A: Gulf Coast Men's Health has a medical team on staff in each office with two Board Certified Physicians and licensed nurses. We know that there are many practices out there that do not have doctors on staff, however, we still believe in having each and every patient deal directly with a real physician.

Q: I have tried all of the pills advertised on television and they didn't help me, why will Gulf Coast Men's Health be any different?

A: Here at Gulf Coast Men's Health we focus on helping each patient individually. Every patient has different conditions therefore a one size fits all approach will not help everyone. We take into account all the factors that cause your erectile dysfunction and tailor a treatment specifically for you.

Q: I have had my Prostate removed will you still be able to help me get my life back?

A: Don't give up there is still Hope! We have spent years helping men who have had Radical Prostitectomies. We are able to help those men acheive usable erections to help fulfill their sex life again. There are many different treatments we utilize helping these men with proven success.

Q: What is the cost of the office visit for an initial consultation?

A: The initial consultation with our medical team of Board Certified Physicians and licensed nursing staff, consisting of a full medical history analysis, brief physical, current medical condition recap and possible diagnostic dose of medication right in our office costs just $299.

Q: I have Medicare and a supplemental coverage plan do you accept these?

A: Gulf Coast Men's Health does not deal directly with any of the insurance companies, but for each patient we will complete a superbill with medical coding for you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

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